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I'm offensive. Cunts.

Also watch my shit yo, because if I don't offend you to much and/or your a masochist, why the fuck not..
...cuntsucking faggot... still here?...
...just testing you...




Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 8:52 PM
Swag Bitch #GRATATA

For each of the first 15(however many until I stop) people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and 3 (or so) deviations I like most from their gallery on the list.
2.  If you answer... ehhh, you don't really have to do this if u don't wanna. It'd be cool, but I ain't gonna get on ur ass bout it... I'm not really a hardcore "TAGGING" gamer personally anyways... I'll just promote you on here anyways... I dun givvashit.
... I hope that I don't anger the TAG gods by editing this thing.... hmm.

Tagger: Loko-Motion :iconloko-motion:

Mature Content

Where's Stevie? by Loko-Motion
The Goody Box by Loko-MotionLet's Get Physical by Loko-MotionPablo the Rat Sketches by Loko-Motion
Super bitching cartoony style with this dude. A lot of stretchy and squishy goodness to his art that just bounces all over ur eyeholes. Been subscribed to him for a long time and will stay subscribed to him for a long time to come.
1. Comickpro :iconcomickpro:

Mature Content

Wrath Loves Costco by Comickpro

Mature Content

Anxiety and Despair give.... by Comickpro

Mature Content

Animation Fun 13 by Comickpro

Mature Content

Pestilence and Vermin by Comickpro

Just met this girl on dA, and her shit is out of this fucking world. She's a bit of a mix between Jhonen Vasquez, Gary Baseman, and even Ub fuckin Iwerks. So I'd really suggest checking this chick out. She's pretty killer, and could very possibly be homicidal.

NutellaOnToast :iconnutellaontoast:
Soresanchan the Hedgehedge by NutellaOnToastSgudword Chronicles by NutellaOnToastSalamander Man has talent by NutellaOnToastClaws by NutellaOnToast
This little guy has a mix-match between an adorable cutesy-wootsy style, and a fucking glorious sense of butch humor. He's so damn radical, I bet he can skateboard. Go watch him skateboard!... Seriously though, he's cool.

3.Vrelatava :iconslepo1:
Lord of the Oceans ( Inktober 2nd) by slepo1In space... ( Inktober 25th) by slepo1The Ace... by slepo1Jerry by slepo1
Just started following this dude, and his inking prowess is phenomenal! Kickass detail in his work and great use of line width and tones. UAGHHHH! SWALLOW IN THE EPICNESS... Plan on seeing great things from this dude, he's rad. :D 

4. Evilmeep :iconevilmeep:
Poodle Chaser by evilmeepSmile, you ought to smile by evilmeepSamantha by evilmeepPikanite Request by evilmeep
This is my buddybud evilmeep. A cool bro I've known for a shit long time on dA and have been friends with on here since I've pretty much joined dA. He does a lot of pencil furry work and prolly has some animal blood in him. He's a sweet dude and a dude sweet and I like him cuz he's cool. :D

5. ShadowedBlackRaven :iconshadowedblackraven:
Paswg: Stocking by ShadowedBlackRavenKyubey by ShadowedBlackRavenPersona: Minato Arisato by ShadowedBlackRavenPandora and Taylor by ShadowedBlackRaven
This is a guy who knows nutelllatoasterstroodle and thinks he's a good guy. He's a straight pencil artist and hasn't really updated much yet, but he seems pretty cool. If I could make a comment, I'd suggest investing or in some way acquiring a scanner, cuz camra shots of traditional art make it a bit hard to maintain quality without a high quality photo-taker and good lighting... But yeah. SHADOWEDBLACKRAVEN!!!
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Jaeden Lee Janicki
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
HI IM JAEDICKBAG! Talentless Cartoonist Extraordinaire. And Expert Photoshopist.

I make comics, animations, and other shit all for you to enjoy with your eyeballs.
I'm also a lonely, wired, self loathing, self loving, offensive, sadistic, and just an all around prick.

People I Should Probably Remember That I Am Friends With: :iconaileka::iconvailsor::iconchocolace::iconloko-motion::iconnutellaontoast::iconevilmeefa::iconrebelthefallen::iconsupremejillsandwich::iconthemilitia:

Comics Done Completely By Me:
Flunkies Comics

Other Comics Drawn By Me:
Basic Cable written by Cristofer Aita

DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompantherSwear Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSPenis by SparkLum
Full Color and Ink, $5, Paypal, note me.

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I guess I'm onto a bad start in staying on here, hehehe. I'm gonna try at this moment to log in at least three days a week if I can. But fuck me if I'm not the busiest I've ever been. Work school and lacking in the money because I got bills now is all getting in the way of personal art timez. Adulthood is starting shaky, but hopes up on it getting better... or me gettin used to the nonstop work. Hehe, but yeah I'll do my best to keep on here.
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